The Solarpunk Revolution

#DestroyTheRich On December 2022

Leave no sympathy for them. Stop paying rent, organize your neighbors and DEMAND A LOWER COST OF LIVING!

You might have been approached by one of our recruits. If so, listen to them.

We are all going to organize, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are all going to stop paying our rent all across the San Francisco & bay area in order to demand a lower cost of living.

This is the movement.

Speak with your neighbors, the event begins December, or in capitalism's favorite month...


Leave no sympathy, no remorse & zero tolerance. We are going to destroy the rich, and so it begins with the housing issue first!

<[I hope you receive this message, if so congratulations, and thank you]>

Your mission is to speak with your neighbors, the cost of living is an ungodly amount these days.

We'd much rather not starve to death on the cold streets, instead, every human deserves to be at peace and have a home.

Organize. Organize your neighbors. Hopefully, you all agree to go on a rent strike!

they cannot evict you all... can they?

Organize for this December, we strike.

The Goal: Lower rent prices across the bay area, demand for public housing and abolish private property!

In simplest terms, what is private property:

Real estate, or other private things that are used to exploit us all.

Private property IS NOT your personal property, but what is personal property?

Definition of personal property:

Your personal property is stuff that belongs to you.

Your home, stuff, personal belongings, your I phone, toothbrush, and literally anything personal that is not used to exploit the common people or proletariat.

Definition of proletariat:

The working class.

We will make sure everyone is ready through our discord server below, but you must also speak with your neighbors as well.

And finally, Join Our Discord Server below!

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